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We help Busy Business Owners Set Up:

Membership Websites, eCourses, Websites, Email Automations & Manage Their Online Communities…

Maybe you’re ready to grow and scale your membership but you feel like your current membership website is holding you back, or you lack the time and human power to back you up to help you scale your membership?

I get what it’s like to run a membership business & online business, after having one for several years.

It can get to the point of feeling very overwhelming when you are trying to do everything yourself…

How to set up a membership platform and which software to use.

Then there’s working out how to put softwares & automations together, I mean, what even is a webhook?

Do we dare even mention, preparing for launch! 🙈🤯.

Maybe you’ve gotten to a point where you’re ready to bring your amazing dream to life, but you are looking for a team full of experience and knowledge in this area to bring everything together for you?


Your amazing behind-the-scenes team of membership, eCourse and online business experts, ready to bring your dream to life, but setting it up in the most automated way possible…

I mean, obviously, we can’t automate E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

BUT, we will try our very best 🤓😉.

If we haven’t met, I’m SJ.

An online business-loving automation & membership extraordinaire that loves to see people’s dreams come to life without them losing theirs!

After founding a successful membership and automated everything as much as I possibly could, people started to ask how I did it, so I created The Automation Girl (TAG) to help set up automations.

Now, we’ve taken a natural progression to hone in on just the Membership/eCourse side and developed “The Membership Collective”.

Where our main focus is setting up membership websites, email marketing, and helping you manage your online community once you launch.

Now we’re ready to help you too…


Our Values…

Educate + Simplify + Quality + Value

When we set up your project, we want to make sure we keep things as simple as possible for you to reduce the overwhelm, we want you to feel empowered so will educate you with training videos and support as you learn your new set-up, and make sure you get a quality service and value.

How it works…

1 – You download our Price Guide.

2 –  Book in for your FREE 15-min consult.

3 – We make sure we are a good fit for each other & that we can help you, if so, we send you a proposal for your project.

4 – You accept, we begin work!

What are different things we can set up for your membership..?

Design & Developing your

costume WordPress Membership Platform 

Adding your blog, podcast or vlog to it to help you market your amazing product.

Setting up New Customer on-boarding for Members to make it as easy as possible for them from the get go.

Set up your eCourses. If you want to add eCourses as part of your product we can add a eLearning element to deliver your courses in a easy to follow way,

We can add a “Forum” to your platform, so your members can as questions easily, and have them all organised into categories so they’re easy for others to find.

Would you like your members to connect via their country’s, problems, or hobbies? We can add a “Groups” element to your platform that integrates with Zoom so you can dedicate leaders & have your members meet together online.

Setting up Automatic payments, Annual Membership Reminder & Failed Payments emails.

Set up Opt-in Forms, Follow up and Nuture Emails for you free give-a-ways, Webinars & Events.

Help nurture your online community & with the ongoing “behind the scenes” work that goes into a membership.

Before you ask, yes we design & develop WordPress Websites without adding the membership feature 😉.

All our Membership Websites are set up so they are VERY easy for you to use and manage.

Want to know what tools I use in & to build our membership platforms for clients?

Go check out my recommended products…